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This unique music program for babies, toddlers and children
Moe, Monday. community hub High Street.

Traralgon, Wednesday and Thursday.Tennis Club Franklin Street

What is Rocktots?

See Rockkids Information below

Cost for term is usually around $150 for music and art classes . 2years-4 years only.

Under 2’s usually $130. No art.

Second child is half price and third child is free.

Rocktots is a planned educational program that involves many aspects of child development. Pretend play, percussion instruments, movement, dancing and singing. Our arts and crafts componant is simple pasting colouring some cutting and construction.

What do the children learn?

Development of Confidence.
Movement. (Gross and Fine Motor)
Language Development, Problem Solving.
Mathematical Concepts.
Musical Concepts
Listening and Concentration Development.
Development of the Imagination
Learn about the World.
Life can be Fun.
All done through music and craft.  

How do we achieve these outcomes?

Being physically involved in music, that is;  moving, singing and dancing, the concepts develop very quickly by listening to what needs to be done via teacher direction, watching other children, playing instruments to pick up on beats and rhythms, swaying ribbons, flying kites, going under and over, through or around the rainbow. Pretending to be lions and tigers or builders or chefs, and so much more..

How do the children come to be involved in these activities.?

We base all our activities on themes. These themes include, Teddies, Dinosaurs, Colours, When I Grow Up, Transport, Farms, Pets, Jungles, Nursery Rhymes, The Beach, My Body, Feelings, Parties and many more…All things kids know and love…

Each theme is three weeks long, allowing the children to learn the song, the movement,the concepts etc.     All the songs are related to the theme. Our songs are traditional and modern and sometimes classical or country.  We aim for a variety.

What is each lesson like?

We begin all the themes with a classical piece eg Beethoven or Mozart. The brain picks up on underlying patterns and rhythms and thus the brain develops neural pathways like connecting wires that connect together where memories, learning and concepts are stored..  Music is incredible for the brain..Einstein was an accomplished violinist.

We then hold a toy and move it with the music or play an instrument, follow body movements, eg, Heads Shoulders Knees and Toes, we learn a rhyme eg, One Two Three Four Five Once I Caught a Fish Alive, etc. Which is wonderful for speech development..
Everything we do is full of pretending and using our imagination.  “critical thinking skills” and “creative problem-solving abilities” when referring to our goals for your child’s cognitive development. “What we are really talking about is… imagination. The way to create human beings with imagination is to provide them with opportunities to develop it for themselves when they are very young.” These opportunities are found in one place and one place only… play.   /www.childtime.com/


Where possible the children remain with their age group.
2yrs -3yrs Arts and crafts
3yrs-5yrs Arts and Crafts
Most instances we keep families together to make it easier for the parents.
The younger ones will go into the older siblings group as we find the younger ones tend to follow the older ones. We rarely put the older ones in with the younger group as they feel too big and its ‘babies”.  
Classes are ½ and hour and we find that plenty as we pack in a lot of activities within that time.

Types of Learners

Some children take longer than others to feel comfortable enough to join in and this is all ok.
Children learn in different ways from each other.

The  4 Styles of Learning.

Visual Learners.  by seeing pictures, diagrams, maps,charts
2 Auditory Learners.  by listening, hearing and speaking and repeating
3 Read-Write Learners . writing, reading, note takers
4 Kinesthetic Learners.  hands on learners, holding, dismantling and putting back together

Rocktots embraces these areas and plan our lessons accordingly….so remember try not to compare your child to others as your child is most likely learning just by watching…….

Our arts and crafts also relate to our theme.




 Anne Bishop… Has a graduate Diploma in Education, A Certificate in Business Studies, Preschool Music Education courses through Music Works Magic, taught Primary School for 10 years, a mum of three and a life long love for teaching children to grow and learn. Working With Children’s Check

Megan Jacobson . Preschool Music Education courses through Music Works Magic, a mum of 4 and a natural love of young children and enjoys the magic of childhood and bringing experiences to their life. Working With Children’s Check.

Rocktots has now been running in Traralgon successfully since 2004 also Moe and we love coming to Daycare Centres, Playgroups and Parent’s Groups.

Hoping you will all enjoy the time as, parents, carers or grandparents watching your children smile and play and generally enjoying  learning..


What is Rockkids?

Rockkids is a planned music educational program that involves learning to read rhythms, beats and music through bucket drumming and guitar.

We run incursions in Daycare centres, kindergartens, or any club.

What do the children learn?

Concentration, following teacher directions. working in a group, reading music notes, beats, rhythms, coordination, crossing of the hemispheres of the brain, performing and the development of confidence, creating and performing their own pieces. Develop a life long love of music

How do the children achieve these goals?

By using bucket drums to follow and learn rhythms and beats. Learning to read a rhythm to popular and traditional songs.


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